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Overall Comparison

You can compare Elliptical reviewed on this site by using the information in this table.

To read a review, click on any of the model names in the comparison table. You can click on the arrows in each column tosort the table by the information in that column. You can also use the Search box just above the table to filter the data to include only specific brands. Just enter the brand name in that box.



Number of Programs

Display Type / Size / Information

Resistance Levels

Stride Length

Heart Rate

Maximum User Weight

Avg. Rating

Stamina InMotion Elliptical Trainer


No preset program

Large LCD display that shows the number of strides per minute, the total number of strides, exercise time, and calories burned.

Adjustable tension controls

10 to 15 inch

No Applicable

300 pounds


Gazelle Edge


No preset program

Display shows speed, distance, time, and calories burned

No way to change the resistance levels

Dual action split suspension that provides a complete range of motion

No applicable

250 pounds


Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer With Seat


No preset program

Display shows distance, speed, time, and calories burned

Adjustable Knob

13 inches

Pulse monitors on the handlebars

250 pounds


Body Champ BRM3671 Cardio Dual Trainer


20 different programs

LCD display basic information including heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed, and time used.

16 different resistance levels

14 inches.

Monitoring system in the handlebars

275 pounds


Exerpeutic Magnetic Elliptical With Pulse


No preset program

Large window LCD display that will show the distance, calories burned, time, and speed

8 levels of magnetic tension

13 inches

Pulse pads positioned on the handle bars

325 pounds


Proform Hybrid Trainer


14 built in workout apps

LCD displays revolutions per minute, time, resistance, distance, and calories burned

14 different resistance levels

15 inches

Sensors on both handlebars

350 pounds